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Filming African Elephant Stock Video Footage

Filming African elephants is not hard. The hardest part is going to Africa. National parks and preserves are great places to see elephants and almost all such places conserve the species, at least within their historic range.

Be aware that elephants are dangerous animals. They will usually warn you when you are too close by using their trunk to grab grass and thrash it around, rocking back and forth, and just generally acting agitated. These are warnings that you should back off (in some cases its possible that the elephant, especially the old bulls, are just playing with you, but why chance it!).

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African Elephant

The African elephant is known by every kid in the world. In addition to being the largest land animal in the world, they are also highly intelligent, social, and playful animals.

Thanks in part to their world-wide popularity elephants are conserved and their populations healthy in many parts of Africa. However, there are exceptions. In some places they are poached for their tusks. In other places their habitat continues to shrink due to development and other land uses. And in some places their traditional migratory routes have been eliminated. In the latter case countries sometimes develop artificial water tanks for the purposes of elephant conservation, such as at Kruger National Park in South Africa.