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Bat Video

Click the image above to see a screener of bat stock video footage. Clips can be viewed in their entirety and purchased at or viewed here in Quicktime format.

Filming Bat Stock Video Footage

Filming bats is difficult because of the animal's nocturnal behavior (at least for most species), because of their rapid flight, and their low tolerance for people. Special equipment such as high speed cameras and infra-red night vision equipment helps capture the animal and its behavior.

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Most people have love or hate feedlings toward bats. Much of the negative feelings come from Hollywood, fears about disease, and the legendary vampire bats of South America. People who appreciate bats tend to understand that they control insect populations, very rarely carry rabies and other diseases, and are fascinating animals.

Most bats in North America are insectivores, with a few species in the southern states being fruit eaters or pollinators. Many in the northern states overwinter in caves. Unfortunately, the disease white-nosed syndrome (WNS) is devestating some of these cave-hibernating bats.