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Filming Black-tailed Prairie Dog Stock Video Footage

The key to getting good prairie dog footage is to use lots of tape, or better yet, use a hard drive or a memory card. If you keep the camera running you are bound to get some good video. Another good feature is to use a video camera with a pre-record cache. Long lens also help, but keep in mind that the prairie is usually windy and heat waves are a problem.

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The Black-tailed Prairie Dog

The black-tailed prairie dog is widely recognized as a "keystone" species. Numerous species such as coyotes, badgers, eagles, hawks, ferrets, and other species feed on prairie dogs. In addition, their burrows are used by ferrets, salamanders, rabbits, and other species. Their constant foraging stimulates nutritious plant growth which is fed on by bison, pronghorn antelope, elk, and other species.

Yet in spite of the ecological benefits of prairie dogs they continue to be persecuted. The black-tailed prairie dog is believed to occupy only 2% of its historic range.