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Filming Bobcat Stock Video Footage

There's really no easy way to film bobcats in the wild. Unlike coyotes, bears, and wolves they don't seem to develop a high tolerance of people in protected areas such as national parks. However, there are some bobcat traits you can use to your advantage. For example, they are most active in mid to late-winter when food is scarce and the toms (males) are busy looking for females. In places where prairie dogs are in close vicinity to bobcat cover you can often find bobcats hunting prairie dogs. They generally use one of two strategies: they either try to stalk and bounce on prairie dogs from cover or else they wait next to a prairie dog burrow for the rodent to emerge. Whenever possible try and get the sunlight to your back as the morning or evening light really brings out the spots in the bobcat.

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The Bobcat

Most people think the bobcat is nocturnal, in large part because they are rarely seen. But the truth is that bobcats are crepescular, meaning they are most active at sunrise and sunset. But because of their secretive ways and their tendency to stay in cover they are rarely seen. However, there are exceptions such as during late winter when food is scarce and the breeding season is occurring.