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Click the image above to see a screener of freshwater fish stock video footage. Clips can be viewed and purchased at or view here in Quicktime format.

Filming Freshwater Fish Stock Video Footage

The key to filming freshwater fish in the wild is to have clean water. Unfortunately, many natural lakes get a green algae bloom in late summer (a situation that is getting worse due to pollutants such as septic tanks and agricultural fertilizers). Try and find a spring-fed lake with clean water (if you are in green water use a filter to bring a little more color back to the image). Another way to get clear high-quality freshwater fish footage is to film in a studio setting such as a large aquarium. Although not completely natural, it allows you to get high quality footage.

Freshwater Fish Video

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Freshwater Fish

Almost everyone has some knowledge of freshwater fish, after all, fishing is one of America's most popular pasttimes.