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Grand Teton National Park Stock Video Footage

Grand Teton is a popular attraction for wildlife enthusiasts, especially for photographers and videographers. In addition to spectacular wildlife, the scenery is also amazing. With a bit of planning, and some luck, you can combine both into some stunning shots.

You will want to bring a variety of lens. You'll need wide angle lens to fully capture the amazing scenery, but you'll also want a long telephoto lens to shoot across the vast open areas. Furthermore, some species such as the grizzly bears, you simply don't want to get too close too. The Park Service will fine you if you get close to dangerous animals such as bears, moose, and bison. Remember to use good ethics when filming Grand Teton National Park wildlife.

Grand Teton National Park Video

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Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park is probably best known for the majestic Rocky Mountains, but don't overlook the wildlife. Elk, black and grizzly bear, bison, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, moose, wolves, and other charismatic species can be found in abundance, much like they can at the nearby Yellowstone National Park. The most notable difference may be moose; they are very common at Grand Teton National Park whereas they are rare in Yellowstone. They are a feature attraction during the fall breeding season. Another popular wildlife attraction are the large herds of elk that winter in the Jackson Hole. Most are in the nearby National Elk Refuge, but many also use the park.