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Bear Video

Click the image above to see a screener of grizzly and black bear stock video footage. Clips can be viewed in their entirety and purchased at or viewed here in Quicktime format.

Filming Black and Grizzly Bear Stock Video Footage

Bears are a challenge to film because they generally are few and far between, and when hunted, can become mostly nocturnal (especially black bears). They can also be a challenge to bring out the details of their features such as their eyes. On the plus side, their behavior is often entertaining, especially the cubs.

Bears readily come to carrion so a large dead animal will almost certainly attract bears. Of course places where fish congregate are also good places to film bears. If not hunted they can become tolerant of people. Yellowstone National Park is an excellent place that meets all of these criteria.

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The Bears

The most common bear in North America is the black bear which is found from the swamps of Florida to the mountains of California to the boreal forests of northern Canada. The grizzly bear is now found only in wilderness areas such as those in Alaska and Canada, although a comparatively small population is found in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Yellowstone National Park is one of the best places to film both black and grizzly bears in their native habitat and behaving naturally.

Although not inherently vicious, bears can of course be dangerous. Sows with cubs and adults guarding a food source such as carrion should be given a wide berth.