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Filming Hippo Stock Video Footage

Filming hippos requires patience as much as anything. Hours can go by with nothing happening but the twitching of an ear. And then when the animals feed they mostly do so at night, putting their feeding activities out of the reach of most videographers. However, there are periods when these animals become active. Their play sessions can last an hour or more with much posturing, bellowing, and gaping mouths.

Its well known that hippos are the most dangerous animal in Africa, at least in terms of causing human fatalities. Their large size, fearlessness, and aquatic behavior make them a concern to boaters, swimmers, and anyone else near water. In spite of their stocky build they can easily outrun a person.


Hippopatumus, or as they are commonly known, hippos, are a popular species. They are perhaps the most aquatic of all the hooved animals. Only the elephant and rhinoceros are heavier land animals.

Hippos are of course always found near water; however, most of their diet is grass with submerged aquatic plants comprising a small amount. Hippopatami can and do sometimes travel great distances inland under the cover of darkness.

A hippo pod is lead by a dominant bull who patrols and protects his stretch of water. Within the pod there may be up to 10 females plus younger animals. The bull will aggressively defend his area from other bulls.