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Howler Monkey Video

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Filming Howler Monkey Stock Video Footage

Filming howler monkeys is not as easy as one would think. In protected areas that can become quite tolerant of people. So its easy to get close to the monkeys. The tricky part is get good video. The animals are often obscured by vegetation, they can move quickly through the branches, you are often shooting up at a difficult angle, often times in wet or humid conditions, and in some cases the terrain can be rugged making moving equipment and setting up a tripod difficult. Furthermore, a jet black howler monkey up in the treetops with a light sky for a background can make exposure a challenge. Much of the activity, including the howling, takes place in early morning or late evening, so you are often filming in low light so have a quality camera. But having said all that, the effort is worth it as howler monkeys are charming and very photogenic.

A couple of things to keep in mind. Because howler monkeys are found in jungles and forests where the vegetation is thick, a camcorder with autofocus can be a problem because it will often focus on the branches and leaves in the foreground, leaving the monkey in the background out of focus. And if you are in the rainforest remember to bring lots of tissue to dry your lens.

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Howler Monkey

Howler monkeys are widely known for their calls that can travel a mile or more in the jungle. Howler monkeys are among the largest of the New World monkeys, i.e., monkeys found in Central and South America. They are highly intelligent, social, and playful animals. Howler monkeys are relatively common in Central America especially in protected areas such as national parks. There are several species such as the black, brown, and mantled howler monkeys.

Although quite agile and adept at climbing and moving through trees, howler monkeys are somewhat more lethargic than other species. This is due to their diet of leaves. Somewhat like sloths, they require a lot of rest time to digest the food. Like other monkeys, howler monkeys are social animals. A troop typically consists of a dominant male and several females and their young. The howling is the way that the male claims his territory and warns other males to stay away.