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Katmai National Park Stock Video Footage

Katmai is essentially a summer park (although late spring and early fall are also spectacular). That's when the salmon migrate back up the rivers and streams to spawn and continue the cycle of life. As they do large numbers of bears, eagles, and other wildlife come to feast on them.

The National Park Service closely monitors this mixture of large bears and people. Surprisingly, there are very few incidents. This is due in part to the bears being more interested in salmon. But to play it safe the park has constructed several elevated viewing platforms from which visitors can safely watch the spectacle. During peak season several bears may be be seen feeding on salmon. Occassionally a fight may break out, but for the most part there is plenty of salmon. Late in the season salmon carcasses litter the bank, many of them stripped for their nutritious skin and left for the gulls and other scavengers.

Katmai National Park Video

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Katmai National Park

Katmai National Park is famous for one thing - bears! Every summer great numbers of enormous brown bears come to the rivers to feast on the abundant salmon runs.

Getting to this remote Alaskan park is not easy as you will need to fly from Anchorage to the remote village of King Salmon. From there you will take float plane to the park. Many people choose to stay at park lodging but you can visit the main bear viewing areas as part of a day trip (you can also camp in a tent if you are brave). Visiting the park requires you to take a brief mandatory bear safety course.

The brown bears seen at Katmai can become enormous due to the rich salmon diet. They are generally considered to be the same species as the grizzly bear.