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Filming Leaf-cutter Ant Stock Video Footage

Filming leaf-cutter ants is fair straitforward. All one has to do is travel to the jungles of Central and South America and spend a small amount of time looking for a long line of ants marching through the forest.

Try to get as many different angles as possible, such as angles from above, ground level, and at an obligque angle Walk the trai forward and backward so you can see where they are collecting the leaves and other vegetation and where they are taking it. Try to use as much depth of field as possible, which isn't always easy as you will likely be in a dark jungle. Because the ants are moving rapidly try taking some footage in slow motion.

Leaf-cutter Ant

Leaf cutter ants are common throughout Central and South America. There are actually 47 different species that fall under the category of "leaf cutter ants." They are fascinating to scientists because of their social behavior and the fact that they are litterally farmers, bring the leaves and other plant material to their funal "farmers" that then feed on it and ultimately become the food that the ants want. Different species of leaf-cutter ants raise different types of fungus. Next to humans, they produce the largest societies on earth. Within their societies their are various groups or types of ants that perform functions such as maintaining the fungal farms, protecting the colony, collecting the leaves, and other tasks. Because of their industrious nature leaf-cutter ants can become a nuisance in some areas.