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Filming Mice and Vole Stock Video Footage

While you can walk around the woods and prairie hoping to film mice and voles, the best way by far is to live-trap some animals and bring them into a natural looking studio. Their motions can be quick so its better to use something better at motion than AVCHD and HDV formats, such as XDCAM or DVCPRO. However, some of the small consumer camcorders can be put to good use by using the infrared feature to film at night or using the camcorders to capture the mice or voles in tight places such as in snow or grass tunnels.

Mice and Vole Video

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The Mice and Voles

Mice and voles deserve much more credit then they get. They are food for a diversity of carnivores ranging from weasels up to coyotes and eagles. Some species eat grasshoppers and other insects (the grasshopper mouse being the most carnivorous). Depending where you are in the Great Plains you may find from 3-6 species of mice as well as a equal diversity of voles. The prairie vole is especially interesting because of its highly social behavior and monogamous lifestyle. Deer mice are also noteworthy; they are one of the most common and wide-spread of all the microtines.

Although mice and voles can carry diseases, the threat is often overblown (the common house mouse, an exotic species, is the biggest threat in most areas). Nevertheless, they shouldn't be handled by hand.

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