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Owl Video

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Filming Owl Stock Video Footage

As with many species of wildlife, the best place to film owls is where they spend a lot of time, i.e., the nest. Of course use good ethics and judgement. Owls can be very sensitive to nest disturbance, especially early in the egg laying period. Of course there may not be much action during the daylight hours. But some species, such as the burrowing owl, are cooperative during the day. The charming little prairie owl can often be seen perched on a prairie dog burrow hunting for grasshoppers, mice, and other prey. Owls do come to predator calls and can create an exciting nighttime filming experience. Young owls that have just fledged can be much more cooperative for the videographer.

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Owls are widely spread across North America, and although many people know what owls are, few actually see them in the wild. That's because of their quiet, secretive, and nocturnal habits (the exception of course being the familar hoot of an owl at night). With a few exceptions, owls are creatures of the night. They are excellent hunters using their sharp hearing and exceptional eyesight to locate prey under the faint light of the moon and stars. Many parts of the country will have several species of owls, each specializing on a certain kind of prey or habitat. For example, in the Northern Great Plains one could come across the great-horned owl, the short-eared owl, and the burrowing owl. The great-horned owl nests in the few trees in the region and takes a large variety of small mammals such as rabbits, whereas the short-eared owl nests on the ground and specializes on mice and vole. The burrowing owl actually nests underground in prairie dog burrows and feeds more on insects and other very small prey.