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The Pantanal in Brazil is an amazing biological conservation area, perhaps South America's equivalent of the rich wildlife areas of Africa. The numbers of birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and mammals it conserves is amazing. But getting video of them can be a challenge. The dark jungle, the rain, and the lack of roads all conspire against the videographer. Fortunately, a small but growing ecotourism industry has started. One could even going it alone by driving the one long road going into the Pantananl (the TransPantaneria Highway). But a better way, especially if you want to see the elusive jaguar, is to get on a guided boat that goes up and down the vast riverways. A good guide could find you several jaguars in a day, loafing on river banks or swimming along shore. But keep in mind that there's about 6 good months to visit the region; the other 6 months are the rain season and most of the tourist facilities close down.


The Pantanal is internationally famous as a wildlife conservation area, and especially, for jaguars. The big cats hunt along the shores of the vast network of rivers, making them viewable by people on boats. Giant river otters are also common in the rivers. Less common, but also present are tapirs. Away from the rivers you will find rhea, monkey, peccary, tegu lizards, anteaters, marsh deer, and a wide diversity of birds. Many of these exist on vast private cattle ranches. During the rainy season much of the livestock, as well as humans and wildlife, retire to the small relatively more upland areas as much of the region is flooded. The rains are one reason the region has remained wild.