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Filming Swift Fox Stock Video Footage

Swift fox are not found everywhere in the Northern Great Plains, in fact they are found in very few places. Although they are somewhat curious and tolerant of people they are by no means habituated to the point where they will approach you. Dens make good video locations and their behavior is most interesting there (but practice good ethics and judgement). The pups are especially photogenic. Carrion is also a good location to film swift fox as well as many other species. Swift fox are mostly nocturnal so they can make good subjects for night-time filming, such as with the use of infra-red equipment. Note that swift fox have been eliminated from many areas in the Northern Great Plains so contact your local wildlife agency to find out where populations exist.

Swift Fox Video

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The Swift Fox

The swift fox is the true fox of the Great Plains, yet few people even know what it is. Following European settlement the species was reduced from much of its range, indeed, it was essentially extirpated from the Northern Great Plains. Fortunately, the species is a good candidate for reintroductions in that it does not conflict with most land uses and it is charismatic. The species has been returned to Montana and reintroduced into several sites in South Dakota.

However, the future of the swift fox remains uncertain. The species evolved in the presence of the wolf, which has been replaced by the coyote. The latter is a severe enemy of swift fox. Also, prior to settlement the swift fox relied on carrion, a resource that is not always common on the modern wolf-less plains. A long and severe winter could spell trouble for some of the reintroduced populations on the Northern Plains (Southern Plains populations do not rely on carrion as much). Like many grassland species, the swift fox often does better in places with prairie dogs.



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