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Wind Cave National Park Stock Video Footage

Spring and early summer is the time of the newborns including newborn bison, prairie dog, pronghorn antelope and other species. It is also the time of year when when the prairie comes alive with sound. Bring a polarizer for dramatic shows of the vast blue sky against the green prairie.

Come late summer, specifically late July to mid August, is the bison mating season. For the film-maker it is a special time. Make good use of slow motion and if you can backlight your subject it will show the dust that is stirred up by the powerful creatures.

Fall is the breeding season of some of the other large mammals including the mule deer, elk, and pronghorn antelope. The ash draws bring a bit of fall color to the landscape.

Winter is by far the most challenging season due to the harsh weather. Furthermore, a lot of the wildlife is gone as the birds have migrated south and the amphibians and reptiles are in hibernation. But those species that stick around, such as the bison, show what it takes to survive as they persist in the harsh climate.

Wind Cave National Park Video

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Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park is a thirty-thousand acre park in western South Dakota, at the southern end of the Black Hills. Its a beautiful mixture of rolling prairies, conifer forests, and small prairie streams.

The park contains some of the best of what is left of the once vast Great Plains biome. It is an excellent place for hiking and backpacking, especially just before and after the middle of summer. Early fall is an especially good time as campers will be serenaded by bugling elk.

Favorite wildlife species in the park include bison, prairie dogs, coyotes, pronghorn antelope, mule deer, badger, and the grassland birds. Mountain lions and bobcats are also present but much more difficult to see. The prairie dog colonies are an especially good place to see wildlife as both herbivores and predators concentrate in that area.