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The moose is one of America’s strangest animals and paradoxically, one of the continent’s most charismatic species. A member of the deer family, they are typically found in cooler regions of the Lower 48 states (e.g., Wyoming, Minnesota), Canada, and Alaska. The largest moose are generally considered to be those in the Kenia Peninsula of Alaska.

Some regions of the United States, such as northern Minnesota, have experienced dramatic reductions in moose numbers and range in recent years. There is some speculation that climate change, specifically, warmer winters may be responsible for the decline. In some places warmer winters allow ticks and other parasites to survive on moose; these tiny animals can eventually lead to direct or indirect mortality.

Filming Moose Stock Video Footage

The best place to film moose in the Lower 48 is undoubtably Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and vicinity. And the best time to film them is in the fall. The peak rutting activity is usually around mid-September. Moose are very large animals and can be dangerous, especially the bulls, so give them a wide berth. Alaska is of course another great place to film moose and as is the case with many large animals, national parks are usually the best places because the animals are not hunted.  Similarly, you can find them within the city limits of Anchorage where hunting is not allowed and wolves and grizzly bears keep their distance.