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A Provider of High Definition (HD) Nature and Wildlife Stock Video Footage, Still Images, Nature Books, and Custom Video and Photography Services.
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Why Pronghorn Productions?

  1. Our staff includes a professional wildlife biologist with decades of Great Plains experience with bison, antelope, prairie dogs, deer, songbirds, etc., so we understand our subject matter.
  2. We have 20 years of photographic experience with video, digital images, and film.
  3. We have state-of-the-art equipment including several High Definition (HD) and 4K cameras, drones, gimbals, audio, and other professional gear.
  4. We probably already have that nature stock footage in our library (see
  5. We are often able to meet your custom needs right away. Our prices are some of the most affordable you will find. Shop around and you'll see that we beat all the others.
  6. We are full service in that we can post-process video all the way to the final product.
  7. We use only ethical and humane techniques to film and photograph wildlife (upon request we'll tell you if the subject was captive).
  8. We're open 24/7. Just send us an email, a letter, or give us a call.

Need that great nature or wildlife stock footage right away? Need it at an affordable price?

Pronghorn Productions provides high definition (HD) nature and wildlife video and photography, with an emphasis on the Great Plains. We probably already have the wildlife footage or image you need. If not, we can get it for you at a great price, with the quality you want, and often within days. Check out our website for selling stock footage where you can search by species, behavior, location, and other factors.

Whether its high definition stock nature and wildlife video, nature audio, photography and still images, nature books, or custom multi-media services, let us assist you with your needs.