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Pronghorn Productions

Pronghorn Productions is a full service nature and wildlife videography company.

Pronghorn Productions is a leader in the collection and sale of nature and wildlife stock video footage.  We have over 28,000 clips for sale at HDNatureFootage.net, a site we own and operate, as well as thousands of clips at Pond5, Shutterstock, and other sites.

But we do more than collect and sell stock nature and wildlife footage.  We are available for all of your nature and wildlife media needs, including collecting photographs, writing books and articles, and conducting scientific studies.  Please contact us for more information.

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Stock Footage

We have over 28,000 nature and wildlife video clips in our collection as well as thousands in other commericial sites.


We are available for custom work including collecting special footage or images, writing books or articles, or conducting scientific studies.


In addition to our nature and wildlife video project we author and publish books including: The Wind Cave Bison Herd: A Century of Success by Daniel Licht; Wildlife Watching in America’s National Parks by Gary Vequist and Daniel Licht; Ecology and Economics of the Great Plains by Daniel Licht; The Ferret Capture by Andrew Licht; and Wolves by Daniel Licht.  Contact us if you would like more information.

In wildness is the preservation of the world. Henry Thoreau

Feature Collections

Bison at Badlands

We believe we have the largest collection of stock video footage in the world of the Northern Great Plains of North America, including spectacular and hard to get shots if bison, prairie dogs, grassland birds, and other species from the region.

We have a large collection of stock video footage from Yellowstone National Park and elsewhere in the Rocky Mountains including iconic species such as wolves, elk, bighorn sheep, and other species.

We have a large and growing collection of stock video footage from the American Southwest Deserts, and specifically, from the Sonoran Desert with its magnificent saguaro cactus and diverse wildlife community.