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Our mission is to provide you with the best in nature and wildlife stock footage, video productions, and other media at a very affordable price.

The Pronghorn Productions story.

Pronghorn Productions was started in 2007 by Daniel Licht, the owner and operatore.  Located in the Black Hills of South Dakota it quickly specialized in collecting stock video footage.  Its catalog and sales increased every year, even in a increasingly competive market.  We are now located just outsdie of Tucson Arizona in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of the American Southwest.

What’s a Pronghorn?

Hopefully you already knew this. But in case you didn’t, the pronghorn antelope is a uniquely American animal. Often referred to as the prince of the prairie because of its elegant disposition, it is the fastest animal in North America (and by some measures the fastest land animal in the world, especially over moderate distances). Want to see for yourself, check out our logo, or better yet, go to hdnaturefootage.net. Because of its speed, its beauty, its nimbleness, and its perfect adaptation to the Great Plains, it was a logical choice to represent our company.