Please read these FAQs.  If they don’t answer your questions then please contact us.

We use to, but not so much anymore. But if you’re in Tucson and in a bind give us a call.

The books are:

The Wind Cave Bison Herd: A Century of Success by Daniel S. Licht;

Wildlife Watching in America’s National Parks: A Season Guide, by Gary Vequist and Daniel Licht;

Ecology and Economics of the Great Plains, by Daniel S. Licht;

Wolves, by Daniel S. Licht;

The Ferret Capture, by Andrew Licht

Please contact us if you have a hard time finding these books.

Our equipment has changed over the years and is too vast to cover it all. Suffice it to say that our current primary equipment consists of Blackmagic, Canon, and Z Cam cameras, as well a DJI aerial drone and a QySea underwater drone.

Our privacy policy can be found at: https://pronghornproductions.com/privacy-policy/

Pronghorn Productions is a small nature and wildlife multi-faceted company started, owned, and operated by Daniel Licht. Pronghorn Productions collects and sells stock footage through several commercial sites including HDnaturefootage.net, a site it owns and operates. Pronghorn Productions also owns and operates WildlifeFootage.net, a site that features short (about 3 minute) video demos for select species, landscapes, and sites.

Our primary site, with our largest collection, best footage, and best prices, is HDnaturefootage.net. We also sell footage through Pond5 and Shutterstock, as well as a smaller amount at Envato.