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Page 9 of The Ferret Capture
The Ferret Capture Front Cover

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The Ferret Capture is the most recent book published by Pronghorn Productions. The Ferret Capture was written by Andrew Licht when he was 9 years old and the illustrations were done when he was 10. It's his account of a black-footed ferret spotlighting trip he took with his dad and brother in the prairies of South Dakota. Full of his own illustrations--and photographs by Pronghorn Productions--its an engaging first hand account of working with this rare and endangered mammal. The book also includes additional information on ferret biology and conservation. The 32-page book cost $5.99 plus shipping. Bulk rates are available; contact us by email, phone, or mail. We also sell Ecology and Economics of the Great Plains by Daniel S. Licht, and published by the University of Nebraska Press.