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Conservation Organizations Active in the Great Plains:

Great Plains Restoration Council.  This organization for environmental and social justice is more strongly focused on the Great Plains than any other.

Defenders of Wildlife.  Over the past decade this organization has been a leader in protecting and conserving imperilled Great Plains wildlife.

The Nature Conservancy.  The premier land-owning conservation organization in North America.

World Wildlife Fund.  A heavy hitter in the world of conservation organizations they have brought much needed resources and attention to the region.

Other Links and Materials of Interest:

Ecology and Economics of the Great Plains. Dan Licht.  Published by the U. of Nebraska Press, the book tells the history and status of wildlife in the region and describes opportunities for restoring the grandeur that was the Great Plains.

Where the Buffalo Roam.  A. Matthews.  Although this book was published some time back it's telling of the Buffalo Commons metaphor of Frank and Deborah Popper is still relevant.

Grassland.  Richard Manning.  The most eloquent book about the region in a long, long, time.

Wildlife Viewing in National Parks. Website about viewing wildlife in America's national parks.


Nature Links

Pronghorn Productions is dedicated to conserving the rich and wonderful biological diversity of the Northern Great Plains.  Every year we donate a substantial amount of materials and services to conservation organizations who are working hard to conserve this great ecosystem.   We encourage you to visit the web sites below and to support these organizations.  Tell them that Pronghorn Productions sent you.  We have also provided a listing (and in some cases the links) to a small set of the wonderful wildlife and nature books and other materials available about the Great Plains.