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A Provider of High Definition (HD) Nature and Wildlife Stock Video Footage, Still Images, Nature Books, and Custom Video and Photography Services.
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Important! We now sell individual clips and footage through:

Pronghorn Productions provides high definition (HD) nature and wildlife stock video footage. We specialize in video footage from the Northern Great Plains and Rocky Mountains of North America; however, we have extensive video from other areas as well such as Africa, Central America, the Galapagos Islands, India, Alaska, and elsewhere.

We have an especially large collection of bison (aka buffalo), pronghorn antelope, swift and red fox, coyote, wolf, grizzly and black bear, prairie dog, mule and white-tailed deer, elk, black-footed ferret, monkey, bobcat, beaver, river and sea otter, leaf-cutter ants, sharp-tailed, ruffed, and sage grouse, prairie chicken, wild turkey, songbirds, ducks, geese, wildflowers, and landscapes (prairie, badlands, jungle, forests). We also have unique and hard to find shots such as birds and mammals in cavities, underground footage, predation footage, and nighttime footage using infrared. Demo videos for individual species can be found to the left and at Youtube, WildlifeWatchingNationalParks, and elsewhere.

All of our video is shot with high definition 3-CCD or CMOS camcorders, typically at 1920x1080 30p or 60i. To review and purchase stock video footage we suggest that you go to You may also view the clips in a low-resolution Quicktime format by clicking the categories to the left. We also operate from which you can download low-resolution preview versions. To purchase footage go to or call, write, or email. (Note that we also sell small quantities through Pond5 and AlwaysHD as well.)

New! We are now starting to transition into the 4k world. Our newest web site is We hope to have the site fully operational in the summer of 2014; however, you can already see some demo videos at the site. For the time being we plan to sell 4k nature and wildlife video at as well as smaller quantities at Pond5 and ShutterStock as well