Cuyabeno Reserve, Ecuador

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Cuyabeno Reserve

The Cuyabeno Reserve is a vast area in the northwest portion of the Amazon Basin. The reserve is within the country of Ecuador, on the east side of the Andes Mountains. The only way to access the reserve is by boat and the few indigenous settlements and resorts in the reserve all operate off the grid. However, oil exploration continues to threaten the region and its wildlife.

Cuyabeno Reserve Stock Footage

The Cuyabeno Reserve is a large protected area in the western Amazon, or eastern Ecuador. Getting there is not easy and usually requires a plane ride from Quito over the Andes or a 7 hour bus trip. From there you have another hour long bus ride to a canoe launching area. From there about a 1-hour canoe ride down a river to one of the ecocamps scattered throughout the region. Your gear most likely will get wet so be prepared. Much of the wildlife is best seen from a boat, which is a problem for videography. Best to hire your own guide and boat. A second challenge is that this is the Amazon so you are often looking almost strait up at your target, e.g., birds, monkeys, sloth, etc. It’s difficult shooting, but the Amazon is unlike any other place on Earth.