Hawaii - the big island

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Hawaii - The Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii is the least populated of the major islands and arguably the most wild. It still maintains populations, albeit small and imperilled, of many of Hawaii’s native bird species such as the i’iwi, the amakihi, and the palila. The good news is that there are several large protected areas on the island including national and state parks and wildlife refuges. The bad news is that even these areas have a hard time protecting native species from introduced predators and competitors and disease.

Hawaii The Big Island Stock Footage

The Big Island of Hawaii is a nature lovers paradise. The balmy climate and unique wildlife species make it unlike anywhere else. However, much of the native wildlife is endangered and persists only in a few isolated protected areas. For example, to see species such as the i’iwi bird you will need to trek into some of the protected sites on the island, and might even need a permit.