Manual Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

This is an old webpage carried forward to our new site. Please note that some of the information might be out of date and we probably have newer footage.

Manual Antonio National Park

Manual Antonio National Park near Quepos is one of the most popular parks in Costa Rica. Located only about 2 hours from San Jose the park has a nice mix of breaches, rockey shores, jungle, and lagoons to support a wide variety of wildlife and recreational opportunities. It is a small park, almost more of an urban recreational park than a wildlife preserve, but nevertheless, it has great wildlife video and photography opportunities.

Manual Antonio National Park Stock Footage

The advantage of filming at Manual Antonio National Park is that it is very accessible, has a wide diversity of wildlife, and the animals are use to people. In some cases they are too use to people as the crab-eating raccoons and white-faced capuchin monkeys can be a nuisance due to people feeding them. Also, you will have to put up with crowds of people and that’s not every videographers “cup of tea.” In addition to being distracting it can ruin audio. Another downside to the park is that it is only open from 7am to 4pm so you are missing some of the best times for wildlife action. Like many national parks Manual Antonio now requires a permit for filming for commercial purposes.