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The various species of anteaters are found in Central and South America. They are famous for their specialized diet of ants and termites and for their adapations for that diet including the ability to rip open logs to get at the insects and their larvae and their long snouts and sticky tongues (the tongues actually use very small hooks to grab the insects). The silky anteater spends almost all its time in the trees while the tamandua splits its time between trees and the forest floor and the giant anteater stays on the forest floor.

Filming Anteater Stock Footage

Filming anteaters ranges from easy to difficult. They are found in Central and South America so getting their is part of the challenge. The tamandua, a type of anteater that is at home in the trees, is relatively easy as they are common in protected areas and generally tolerant of people. They are generally nocturnal, but can be found out during the day. Filming the giant anteater is a bit more of a challenge as that species has been extirpated from many areas.

Anteaters, and especially the tamandua, are found in the jungle and rainforests so its good to have a camera with good light-gathering ability. Some of the other species are found in more open country. A good telephoto lens is helpful to film closeups of the tongue at work collecting ants.