Bald & Golden Eagle

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Bald and Golden Eagle

The near extinction and recovery of the bald eagle is one of the greatest conservation stories of the 20th century. Habitat destruction and shooting had greatly reduced the abundance and distribution of the bald eagle, but it was the pesticide DDT that almost caused the bird’s extinction. Fortunately, scientist discovered the problem and not only saved the eagle, but in the process helped remove a poison that could have had catastrophic impacts on people. The recovery of the bald eagle has been so spectacular that the species is not mostly removed from the list of endangered and threatend species.

The golden eagle went through a similar decline and recovery, although not as well publicized as that of it’s slightly smaller cousin. Bald eagles can be found throughout most of North America whereas the golden eagle is mostly restricted to western North America.

Filming Bald and Golden Eagle Stock Footage

One of the more obvious and sure-fire ways to get eagle footage is to find a nest; however, the best ethics must be practiced. If you’re harassing the birds or in any way impacting their normal behavior then its time to leave the area and let them be. Both bald and golden eagles will resort to feeding on carrion, especially in the winter months.

Eagles do move seasonally and a videographer or photographer should plan accordingly. In the Northern Great Plains golden eagles can be found year round, but bald eagles are for the most part, present only in the winter months. Prairie dog towns are a good place to see eagles as well as other raptors.